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Drama Camps

Our Act Now! Drama Camps 2014 are open for registration! Check out our Drama Camp Schedule! Space is limited and some camps fill fast once the word is out. So... "Act Now!!"

Speaking of Act Now! This isn't just a catchy title, it's a promise! All week your kids will be active - acting, singing and dancing etc. They will finish their week up on stage in a public performance in Friday's finale!

These weeklong sessions offer children and adolescents a chance to experience theatre first hand and actually get up and perform their own creations at the end of a multi-faceted drama program.

Calithumpians has been offering drama camps and workshops for children for three decades. "Act Now!" day camps follow our tried-and-true formula of creative drama activities and participatory games, with emphasis on fun and personal development.

The participants will enjoy a peek-behind-the-scenes of the FrOST Theatre-In-The-Park at Officers' Square, and view the live lunchtime performances by the professional troupe. Various members of the summer troupe provide specialized short programs daily including singing, dancing, theatre games, movement, improvisation.

All camps will culminate in a short program or play written and performed by the camp participants. Their show goes up on Friday at noon in the park as a curtain raiser for FrOST. In case of rain we perform under the tent in Barracks Square.

Download the Scholarship Information and contact us.