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Fredericton Fencibles

What is Fredericton Fencibles?

Fredericton Fencibles is the name of FrOST's guardhouse theatre troop that provides a variety of activities and services under contract to the City Of Fredericton Tourism Division. The Fencibles present lively walking tours, heritage interpretation activities and museum theatre.

The troop interprets the period after Canada's Confederation, when New Brunswick had the best model for militia defence and weekend warriors were the order of the day. From 1869 to 1883 the infant country was left undefended by British regiments and the professional Canadian army was yet to be established. A fencibles recruit signed on for defensive duty under the proviso they were not to be posted away from their home territory.

The War of 1812 and the marathon March of the 104th Regiment of Foot plays a key role in our current story.