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Group Services

Calithumpians have been providing entertainment and guide services to groups for more than 30 years. We specialize in adding local flavour and New Brunswick content to groups from conferences to motorcoaches and schools.

Peter Pacey and his "personations" are a favorite whether he is welcoming his convention audiences to join him in singing a traditional folksong in the persona of his infamous "Bull of the Woods", or opening a gala event at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery as Lord Beaverbrook himself. Pacey's wildly entertaining characters and spontaneous and colourful rapport with his audiences are a sure-fire formula for an outrageous event charged with fun and laughter.

Pacey brings the same flair to motorcoach tours, delivering New Brunswick's rich cultural history through the eyes of a local character. With stories, songs and recitations the Calithumpians bring tour guiding to its highest level - professional performance.