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It is no coincidence that my professional acting career began 5 months after finishing a summer with the Calithumpians. The skills I learned from those... more

Since their inception in 1979, the Calithumpians have combined education and entertainment, giving the gift of free live theatre and free walking tours of historic... more

My first paying job as an actor was as a member of the Calithumpians troupe. Some of the lessons of that experience have stayed with me... more

The Calithumpians continue to impress the Fredericton crowd year after year. I like the way they use a mixture of humour, theatre, and song to... more

Peter, I heard soooo many good things about your performances - Congratulations! ...Thanks for offering these shows at the New Brunswick Museum.... more

I enjoyed the play today. Lots of talent and energy! ... Issues around water is one of our topics. We were wondering if the Calithumpians... more

It has been great working with you on this and I am hopeful that other wellness themed productions will continue in the future! Thank you... more

"To be a Calithumpian, you had to make a fool of yourself in the park, as opposed to making a fool of yourself in the... more