Calithumpians School Programs

The Calithumpians have been offering quality learning experiences to schools and students for over 35 years. The company has toured extensively throughout New Brunswick and the Maritimes and also offers quality programs in their home base of Fredericton.


Touring productions must be booked well in advance and are often offered in conjunction with workshops on various aspects of using theatre in school settings. Prices for these services vary depending on cast size, audience size and expenses incurred.

The following programs are available in the capital for the fall and spring. Prices are negotiable based on the number of participants; package deals can be arranged if bundling experiences together. All programs are tailored to various age/grade levels and some are offered in both English or French (E&F).

Heritage Walking Tours

Our tours of Fredericton are a step back in time to the colonial period and the city's heyday as a burgeoning market town on the banks of the beautiful St. John River.


An historically-costumed guide will transport your group to the past, offering dramatic anecdotes and stories from the period. The highly-skilled guides mix this unique flavour with traditional commentary featuring architecture, social history and interesting trivia.


Ratio of guides to students: approximately 1 to 15.


Duration: 1 hour.

Cost: per guide - $75 per hour (E&F).



A Day In A Soldier's Life


You've seen the bright red tunics. You've read about their exploits. Now it's time to experience what life in a British garrison was really like.


Be a part of an old fashioned Military Muster! Join up and see the world! (the world of a raw recruit, that is); learn to march and salute, participate in a parade, hear tales and songs of life in the soldiers' barracks & the guard house.


Duration: 1 .5 hours.

Cost: $10 per person or minimum of $150 per group. (E&F)



The Haunted Hike


This evening experience has proven popular with groups of all ages.


The Haunted Hike is an after dark tour through the historic haunted neighbourhood and ghostly graveyards. Groups are invited to explore the ghouls and goblins of old Fredericton on a lantern-lit hike through time.


A ghostbuster guide will take you on a unforgettable journey past spooks and apparitions with actual hauntings by a troupe of phantom thespians. The normal start time is dusk or approximately 9 pm.


Duration: 1.5 hours.

Cost - $10 per head or minimum $250 per group. (English only)



Live Theatre


These shows are based on New Brunswick themes and feature music and comedy and audience participation. We can come to your school or you can visit us in our home base Fredericton's national historic site - the Historic Garrison District.


Prices for shows are negotiable based on the number of performers and length of production and the size of the audience. Typically, the minimum cost for a show in Fredericton is $350 for 45 minutes. (Bilingual show available!)