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2020 Summer Season

Starting July 2nd, The Calithumpians are back for their 39th season! Haunted Hikes starting from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery at 9pm! Outdoor Theatre on the Cathedral Green at 12:15! Guided Walking Tours starting from the Legislature at 2:30! And Drama Camps running from July 6th to Sept 4th!

Drama Camp Registration Open!

We're very excited to announce we're running our "Act Now!" Drama Camps in accordance with Public Health rules and regulations for the 2020 summer season! There are 9 weeks and 5 different age groups, July 6th to September 4th! For more information, visit our Drama Camps page.

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About Calithumpians

The Calithumpians is a theatre troupe based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, that has been entertaining audiences for over forty years! Headquartered at 168 Church St., the troupe is named after an ancient tradition wherein young people, dressed in costume and disguise, paraded through the streets celebrating and making joyous noise.

From our humble beginnings performing educational shows in schools, the Calithumpians have expanded their repertoire to include family-friendly theatre in Officers’ Square, guided walking and motorcoach tours, historical interpretation, drama camps, training and consultation, school visits and workshops, dinner theatre, our signature Haunted Hike, and a variety of shows for audiences in and around Fredericton, and across New Brunswick and Canada. Calithumpians’ shows and services emphasize local history and pride, folklore and legend, environmentalism, health and wellness, and current social issues, all with a hint of humor and fun! Come check us out in downtown Fredericton seven days a week, Canada Day to Labour Day!


It is no coincidence that my professional acting career began 5 months after finishing a summer with the Calithumpians. The skills I learned from those wonderful days in the park: improv, singing, acting, writing and teamwork to name a few, have helped mold me into the performer I am today. This is an organization that is dedicated to New Brunswick and its rich history, using the magic of storytelling to inform as well as entertain thousands of people about our amazing province. What would a Fredericton summer be without them?! It is my great pleasure to have been even a small part of "The Calithumpians".

The Calithumpians continue to impress the Fredericton crowd year after year. I like the way they use a mixture of humour, theatre, and song to convey some very important messages like proper nutrition and the environment. Fredericton is fortunate to have the Calithumpians add to our unique culture. I have always, and will always, delight in their performances in Officers Square!

It has been great working with you on this and I am hopeful that other wellness themed productions will continue in the future! Thank you for your part in delivering the wellness message in this creative way to our community.

Shauna Miller

Leah Anstis

Tony LePage, Professional Actor


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