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Haunted Hikes

Haunted Hikes are back for Summer 2024! Check out our Haunted Hike schedule here.

Calithumpians' signature ghost walks are the stuff of legend! The Haunted Hike features spine-tingling tales and rib-tickling gags. Costumed guides take you on a lantern-lit journey through Fredericton's ghostly past. A specialty of Calithumpians for over 20 years, these performance-based walking tours offer a unique take on a ghost walk and traditional heritage tour. Professional actors create a sense of realism with their first person interpretation, which has an eerie appeal for even the most seasoned patrons. The tour features various types of ghosts and spirits and provides insights into the paranormal activity in the downtown area. As you explore the after-dark, lantern lit streets of downtown Fredericton's historic haunts, you'll encounter phantom thespians, and a few chilling surprises.

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