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What is Polymorphians?

Founded in 2012, The Polymorphians apprentice theatre troupe was originally created to fill the gap between our “Act Now!” Drama Camps and the Fredericton Outdoor Summer Theatre troupe. At the time, a wealth of young talented people were auditioning for the Calithumpians who were younger than our traditional hiring age. Out of this conundrum, The Polymophians were born!


The Polymophians is a volunteer performance-based program for young adults. Apprentices will accumulate volunteer hours, acquire leadership skills, learn work responsibilities and gain job experience. The Polymorphians closely mirror the work of the Calithumpians and FrOST, requiring participants to collectively create a short show to be performed as an opening act to our Theatre In The Park performances, and allowing participants to work in conjunction with our drama camps and the Fredericton Fencibles, in order to gain experience in all facets of the company.


To request further information or to request an audition, please email us at

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