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Calithumpians Scholarship Program

The Calithumpians Scholarship Program works alongside local businesses to send underprivileged youth to our summer camps. As such, we rely on local businesses and private benefactors for their support, but just as importantly, we rely on teachers, parents, and guardians to recommend children to our program.


Over the past several years we have received many requests from educators, guardians and parents to allow their children, or children they know, to have the opportunity to participate in Calithumpian summer camps at a reduced rate or on waived fee basis. We always try to accommodate these kids because we believe in the value of what we do and don’t want to turn anyone away. However we are not-for-profit and we must meet certain expenses in order to remain financially viable. In an attempt to better service the needs of our community we have initiated partnerships or sponsorships with various businesses in the community to help us underwrite an expanded scholarship program.


The response thus far has been incredible, with many businesses sponsoring a child or multiple children. Rather than being concerned with the sponsorship fitting their brand, these companies have donated simply as an outpouring of generosity and kindness. The program has grown considerably with each year, growing from 10 scholarships in the program's founding year of 2011, to 43 scholarships in 2014.  We have been gratified by this confidence in our mandate and we are working harder each year to expand these offerings to more deserving children. Not only have we been able to process requests sent directly to us, we have also been able to contact schools and ask teachers to help us identify children who they believe would be suitable for our program. The joy expressed by these teachers is palpable. As educators, they understand the importance of our program for building a child’s confidence and personal development. Likewise the parents and guardians have shown their gratitude with enthusiasm that mirrors their children’s joy.

If you wish to donate to the Calithumpians Scholarship Program, or if you are a teacher, parent or guardian of a child you would like to recommend, please contact us.

Our 2024 Calithumpians Scholarship Program Sponsors:

Isaac's Way, Junk Relief Ltd., Riverview Ford, Riverview Honda, Downtown Optometry, Park's Noodle Sushi, Barb & George Porter, The Town Physio, Capital Safe & Lock, Wood Motors Ford, Westminster Bookmark, Robert Simmonds, Valley Graphics, Tony's Music Box, Clay Cafe, Fredericton Mazda

Our 2023 Calithumpians Scholarship Program Sponsors:

Isaac's Way, Junk Relief Ltd., Riverside Montessori Learning Centre, Barb & George Porter, D.W. OltsPeter Roberts, Porter's Diner, Scott Downie, The Snooty Fox, Westminster Books, Valley Graphics, Tony's Music Box

Our 2022 Calithumpians Scholarship Program Sponsors:

Isaac's Way, Junk Relief Ltd., Park's Noodle & Sushi, Riverside Montessori Learning Centre, George and Barb Porter, Cynthia Lautard, Downtown Optometry, The Artisan District, Westminster Books, Valley Graphics, Tony's Music Box

Our 2021 Calithumpians Scholarship Program Sponsors:

Isaac's Way, Junk Relief Ltd., George and Barb Porter, Valley Graphics

Our 2020 Calithumpians Scholarship Program Sponsors:

Aperture Capital Consulting, Digital World, Dixie Lee Family Restaurant, D.W. Olts Insurance, E.T. Mechanical, George & Barb Porter, Ginger Design, Graystone Brewing, Isaac's Way, Kent Building Supplies, Marianne & Philip Vanicek, OMISTA Credit Union, Quality Shoes, Robert Simmonds, Saint Thomas University, Spicer Cole Fine Jewellery, Tony's Music Box, Valley Graphics

Our 2019 Calithumpians Scholarship Program Sponsors:

Isaac's Way, OMISTA Credit Union, Downtown Optometry, Greystone Brewing, Bellwether, Remsoft, Northside Dental, Aura Wholefoods, Park's Noodle & Sushi, Robert Simmonds, Quality Shoes, Jonnie Java Roasters/Paradise Imports, Lamrock's Law, York Auto, Rebecca Steeves Realty, Ginger Agency, Affirmation Lounge, Rob Brown Realtor, Room2Remember, Williams Chiropractic, Geary Elementary Community School, Valley Graphics, Barb and George Porter

Our 2018 Calithumpians Scholarship Program Sponsors:

Isaac’s Way, OMISTA Credit Union, Valley Graphics, Jordan Dashner, Geary Elementary Community School, Nashwaak Valley School, George Street Middle School, Ginger Design, Radical Edge, Downtown Optometry


Our 2017 Calithumpians Scholarship Program Sponsors:

Clowater's Heating & Plumbing, Downtown Optometry Clinic, Ginger Design, Isaac's Way Restaurant, Modern General, OMISTA Credit UnionQuality Shoes, Room2Remember, Radical Edge, St. Mary's First NationTony's Music Box, Valley Graphics, Chief Harold Sappier Memorial Elementary School, Bliss Carman Middle School, Lincoln Elementary Community School, Geary Elementary School

Our 2016 Calithumpians Scholarship Program Sponsors:

Fredericton Inn, Valley Graphics, Pierre Plourde (George Street Middle School), Northside Dental Office, Geary Elementary School, St. Mary's First Nation, Room2Remember, Downtown Optometry Clinic, Ginger Design, York Auto, Bamford's Collision Service, OMISTA Credit Union, Chief Harold Sappier Memorial Elementary School

We thank our sponsors for their generous support.


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