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Fredericton Fencibles

FOR THE 2020 SEASON, THE FREDERICTON FENCIBLES WILL NOT FUNCTION IN THE SAME WAY IT HAS FOR OVER 20 YEARS. Please bear with us as we continue to plan our 2020 Outdoor Summer Theatre season. Check back here or our Facebook page for updates & more information.
What is Fredericton Fencibles?

Fredericton Fencibles is the name of FrOST's museum theatre troop that provides a variety of activities and services under contract to the City of Fredericton Tourism Division - lively walking tours, heritage interpretation activities and theatre plays based on historical themes. The troupe interprets the period after Canada's Confederation, when New Brunswick had the best model for militia defence and weekend warriors were the order of the day. From 1869 to 1883 the infant country was left undefended by British regiments and the professional Canadian army was not yet established. Fencible Regiments were raised for the defence of territories like New Brunswick, and their recruits were not to be posted away from their home territory. ​

I would highly recommend this group to any educator looking to do something educational, different, interactive and fun with their students. The guides met us and played their role so well, they captured every student's (and teacher's) interest from the very start and held our interest throughout the tour. They interacted well with the students and kept the content at their level. The teaching of the soldier's marching, saluting, etc. was a wonderful and fun way to get the point across! Thank you so much! We look forward to doing it again next year with a new group of students.

Tricia McGraw, Educator

On behalf of my grandsons, Jason (8 yrs old), Thomas (4 yrs old), and their friend Cody (8 yrs old), I would like to convey our thanks for a fun filled "Day In the Life of A Soldier." The boys are still talking about how much fun it was and can't wait 'til next year. The videos their mom took are enjoyed by all who saw them.The boys considered it the most fun event of their summer which is a credit to the actors. Please convey our thanks and joy to all involved with this wonderful event, and hope it will continue for a long time.

Debbie Dowling

Working with the Fencibles under the facilitation of Peter Pacey has proven to be an amazing work experience. In a creative and outgoing environment I became comfortable with skills that have been beneficial throughout my university career and beyond. I am recognized provincially as strong candidate for work because of bearing the title "Calithumpian" and world wide for the skills and values it has fostered within me. I am proud of New Brunswick’s history and culture, and can share this in a pro-active and an engaging manner that benefits all. Peter’s hard work and dedication teaches and inspires his employees, creating a sustainable foundation of individuals engaged and eager to celebrate our beautiful history and culture!

Laura Turnbull, 2004-2007

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